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About Us

Hey there!

Welcome to Everyday Works, your friendly neighborhood hangout located in the heart of Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX. We're all about great coffee, quality eats, and building a strong, fun community that vibes with us. So grab your favorite cup of joe, sit back, relax, and let us tell you our story.


It all started with Armando Gonzalez and Melonie Mendoza, two Oak Cliff natives with a shared passion for health, wellness, and (you guessed it) amazing coffee! Armando, the mastermind behind the Everyday Works brand, had a vision of a place where the daily grind didn't mean sacrificing balanced, tasty food choices or settling for subpar coffee. Melonie, a powerhouse in her own right, joined forces with him to turn this vision into a reality, managing the daily operations even before we officially opened our doors. Together, they've created something truly special.


At Everyday Works, we live by the mantra 'Consume with Purpose.' We believe that every bite you take and every sip you make can be a step towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Our market shelves are loaded with handpicked grab-and-go meals and snacks, all nutritionally balanced and downright delicious. We're all about supporting local, which is why we stock our shelves with items from local producers and small businesses right here in Dallas.


And then there's the coffee. Oh, the coffee! We're known for it, and for good reason. Our expert baristas, who could probably draw a latte art portrait of you if they tried, are committed to crafting the perfect cup each time. Whether you're into robust espressos or creamy lattes, we've got your caffeine cravings covered.


But we're not just about serving quality food and coffee. We're a hub for the community. We often host weekend markets right outside our doors, giving local small businesses a chance to showcase their cool stuff and you the opportunity to discover your next favorite thing.


Everyday Works is more than a coffee shop and market - it's a movement. It's about saying 'yes' to convenience without sacrificing quality, 'yes' to supporting local, and 'yes' to that second cup of coffee (we won't tell). We're here to make your everyday a bit brighter, tastier, and all-around better. So why not join us on this journey? Let's consume mindfully, live joyfully, and support locally - all while enjoying some killer coffee.

Welcome to Everyday Works!

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